Most of Shane Michael Coffey’s adult life has been dedicated to his children but outside of that Shane has learned that his true passions in life involve politics, women, and religion (or lack thereof).  Over the years Shane has started many blogs but none of them seemed to be what he was really passionate about.  With the help of Facebook Shane realized his three largest passions while commenting on other people’s posts.

While these three passions are not all inclusive the main portion of this site will include opinions on politics, women, and religious topics.  Every now and again there will no doubt be posts of sci-fi, videos, jokes, and other things that tickles Shane’s fancy.

This purpose of this site is to provide opinions on various topics and should not be construed as a news site.  Although the topics will be timely Shane feels trying to keep up with the news and the so called big boys is insane and in most cases is not practical.

Feel free to following me on Twitter, Facebook, or sign up contact me through e-mail.


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